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There are plenty of reasons you may need tax or financial advice. Maybe you’re forming a new business and want to make the best possible start in setting up your employee benefits programs, payroll accounts, and corporate financial structure. Maybe your existing business needs some extra accounting help. Maybe you want to make sure your tax returns or personal finances are in good shape. In over 10 years as a CPA I’ve come to offer a wide range of financial services. But what I really offer is something priceless -- peace of mind. I help you spend less time worrying over dollars and cents and more time on the things in life that truly matter to you. You don’t want to entrust your financial future to just anybody, especially some big “McTaxes” franchise that doesn’t know you and doesn’t care. When you hire ELincoln Tax & Financial, you’re gaining far more than a CPA. You’re gaining a trusted advisor, a team of professionals who will look after your financial health just as your family doctor cares for your personal health. Explore this site to see just some of the ways ELincoln Tax & Financial can make your business or personal financial life easier. Then contact us and let us welcome you to our happy family of satisfied clients.

Benefits of consulting an agent for taxes!

Tax agents are the agents who are trained in how to prepare and lodge Income Tax Returns such as Tax Return Sydney . Tax Agents emphasis over Income Tax. They earn by doing your taxes, so you won’t have to. Tax agent is a trained and highly-qualified than a typical accountant. A tax agent in Melbourne, north Sydney has excellent training in accounting in addition have special practice in tax and law, and extensive tax experience.

If anyone does tax returns or provides tax-related advice, they must be Tax Agents registered to the Australian Tax Practitioners Board (TPB); a government body that have a control over Tax accountants and helps protect the consumers.

Australians choose a tax accountant for many reasons that are stated below:

1. They provide confidential tax reports and provide online tax return information.

2. They provide highest tax refund.

3. One has to be less stressful as they don’t have to worry

Various other reasons why people choose a tax agent Sydney include convenience, better tax refunds, friendly support and advice, and the confidence of getting your taxes done right. Having tax agents has more advantages such as a taxpayer; you are protected by a law called Safe Harbor, which is part of the Taxation Administration Act 1953. It is for the help of the consumer who can stay protected while having a tax accountant.


One benefit is added peace of mind when using a tax agent(tax agent Melbourne, tax agent north Sydney). We will make sure that you comply with the present tax legislation and knowing that your return has been correctly lodged, you will be secure.


By using a tax agent, you can easily submit before the deadline. You don’t have to suffer with such circumstances of crossing the given deadline.


For example if you have several jobs, run a business, have rental property or and investment portfolio. Tax agents can explain how your income is treated, what deductions can be claimed and also about what tax breaks you’re entitled to. Tax agents are also good allies to have on hand when the auditor comes knocking. Trust us, you don’t want to be alone when they come knocking.

Time Saver and Convenience

One gets the benefit of tax agent and its services by sitting comfortably at their homes. Everyone's time is valuable, and with our time we can all find stuff to do than spend hours combing through a tax return.


The tax agents give the advice and tips on what you need to retain for your tax and the best ways of maintaining your records. The records and the documents are arranged in an organizing manner.

Professional Advices

Tax rules are complicated. Before you can use deduction or credit, you must be authorized. A tax specialist can help you find pieces and credit that are eligible for you and can advise on certain tax return issues. For example, you might be entitled to a reduction in education training and credit, but you can only use it. A tax specialist can help you decide which tax to collect, deduct or credit.

No adverse complications

When you sign the end of your tax return online, you certify that the information is accurate and accurate in accordance with my knowledge and trust. If the IRS reviews your return and detects an error, it may have serious legal consequences. Professional preparation of your tax declaration extends the potential of responsibilities with several precautions. But you have to be careful. As mentioned, a tax specialist can make mistakes. Do your own returns to make sure all numbers are correct and correct.

Reduced Errors

The Internal Revenue Service keeps a list of the most common control errors. This list contains calculation errors in calculating taxable income, incorrect entry of payment orders, and simple mathematical errors. Mistakes in your return may delay your recovery responsibly. If you make a mistake and the results of tax, interest and penalty debt will be calculated from the date the tax is submitted. Even though there is no perfect accountant, the possibility of a simple return error is reduced if you use a professional tax service.

Professional Tax Services

ELincoln Tax & Financial is providing professional tax services to our valued clients, when existing business needs some extra accounting help.

Financial Services

We are providing professional financial services to our valued clients while forming a new business and want to make the best possible start.

Employee Benefits Programs

We are also helping our valued clients setting up your employee benefits programs, payroll accounts, and corporate financial structure.

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